"Nearly five years back I woke up with flu like symptoms including vertigo and nausea. Though the flu went away, the vertigo and nausea remained, coming and going. It all came to a head when I was in a packed room at an art gallery function. I started not being able to feel my legs, loosing my balance, vomiting and then fainting. I was taken away in an ambulance where the doctors at the hospital said they couldn't find anything wrong and sent me home. I went to my GP and she sent me to a neurologist who couldn't find anything wrong either so gave me a diet for people with migraines. Eventually I was diagnosed with VMD, Vestibular Migraine Disorder that carries with it a wide variety of possible symptoms which I had a lot of. I was told to avoid certain foods and to read a book about healing headaches which never was one of my symptoms. Things just got worse and worse. That's how it was. Then I remembered Susan Fernandez who had moved away years back to see what she thought. Ends up she was now only doing distant healing and agreed to see if she could help. Here are my results from the VMD symptoms. The vertigo got 90% better and stayed that way. The nausea is gone. The muscle coordination is 80%. The neck pain is gone. The olfactory hallucinations are gone. The earthquake shaking is also 100% gone. The intolerable ear itching that drove me nuts was gone after 2 sessions. I also had a painful stomach ache but felt great after a healing.
There was more. I was having ongoing trouble breathing at night and sleeping. An Ear-Nose-And-Throat Doctor could only see a little ways up my blocked and crooked nose. He said he could do surgery which I didn't want. After Susan worked on these issues the growth/polyp is nearly gone and my nose is somehow straight when I look in the mirror! Amazing. I'm sleeping deeper, longer and can breath better without that blockage in the way.
Like many people I heard of in the midst of protecting themselves from Covid, I felt blah, not interested in anything and just not happy. Susan suggested to work on my Spirit to enliven it and it did enliven me.
My list of ailments is shrinking. Even the bulging discs of my lower back that showed up in an MRI are healed and pain free along with the hip pain I had. I feel so much better! Susan's Distant Healing works and stays that way. The time it takes to experience results varies, often between 3-7 days. Then, WOW, I don't have that anymore. What a wonderful surprise. I even forgot about so much of it until writing this testimonial. It's such a quiet and very gentle healing. I suggest you give it a go."

Rebecca W.

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