"My body was in excruciating pain for months, especially my mid to upper back and chest areas, to the point it was starting to scare me. I regularly get chiropractic, acupuncture and massage treatments which I enjoy and feel help me, but nothing including Tylenol cut it. I had my heart checked and it was fine. I got an MRI scan and found I had two areas in my back with bulging disc issues, the worst being my mid back. I also was having pain in my low back, hip, butt and thigh down to my knee. I contacted Susan to see what she could do. Before we started the sessions she asked me a lot of questions, did meticulous research and explored my issues intuitively. After the second healing session I was feeling so much better and by the third pretty great. In the fourth session Susan focused on all my lower body issues and my neck which was killing me. It's been 7 months since I had those 4 long sessions and I am still doing great. All the back and chest pains are gone and haven't come back which I was afraid might happen but to my delight hasn't. My 5th session was for bronchitis and the 6th for a foot injury both of which are much better. What I started to notice in my last two shorter sessions was right after the sessions were over I felt fabulous, so full of energy I could of gone for a jog; an amazing, happy feeling. I highly recommend Susan's abilities to assist others. She has really helped me and soothed my worries about re-occurrences. I can't overstate how wonderful it is not to have to drive to appointments. I can just lie down on my bed, relax myself and allow the energy to do its work. You just have to call her and experience if for yourself."

Pat D.

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