"I have heard about Susan Fernandez and her powerful ability to heal both in
person and long distance. I live in Canada and she in the USA so I booked
a session for a long distance healing on my very painful hip that has been
bothering me for 30 years. I had once again hurt it and was hobbling in
pain.Susan spoke to me over the phone late evening about when it first happened
(during the birth of my daughter) and that was it really....all she needed. I had
a bath and went to bed and woke in the middle of the night feeling a lot of
energy in BOTH hips, as if they were on high heat! I fell back to sleep and
when I woke up my hip pain was gone. It's something to experience.....the
pain was just gone.I recommend Susan whole heartedly for anyone wanting long distance healing.
She is the real deal!"

Yvonne E

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