Painless Bodywork

Ortho-bionomy® is painless, clothes on bodywork. It is a gentle comfortable and very effective method to release aches, pains, injuries, often issues that have been present for years. No force of any kind is ever used; pain-free is an ortho-bionomy credo. It calls on the body's own intelligence, so changes occur as a result of self-healing. I have found ortho-bionomy to be far more effective than deep-tissue massage or standard massage; thus, replacing them completely. The body learns and accrues changes such that people feel more aligned, balanced, relaxed, with more ease of movement and less pain, even out of pain.

Here's My Story In Brief:

One day, between clients, I was approached by a very tall woman who had come with her husband for an appointment with a colleague of mine I shared an office with. This woman ran over to me, excited, saying "hi, I want to work on you. I want to show you some techniques I think you will love." "Oh how nice", I replied, "don't get that everyday. Thank you for offering, but my next client is due any second now." "Okay," she said, "next time then, I'll be back". And she was......Some weeks later she came back into the office and did work on me. I liked it, a lot. She said, "This is Ortho-bionomy*. I go to study groups in San Francisco about once a month on Sunday nights for about 3+ hours. I would like to take you." And she did.......This class was taught by Holly Reed, since passed. Holly was a True Master of her art and well known as the Best in Ortho-bionomy . I took about 30 study group classes, a dozen course workshops and experienced a few dozen sessions by Holly herself. I was hooked.

* Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Inc. and is used with permission.

Energetic Off The Body Healing

Even though I have used energy type techniques like reiki in the past, I now use what I call "energetic off the body healing". It is a re-balancing of the bodies energies. Universal energies come through me as a catalyst for them, affecting our multi-dimensional selves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by removing what's out of harmony and returning one to a balanced state. This is also true with Animal Healing which you can read under "About Animal Healing". Energetic Off The Body healing is wonderfully relaxing and can be a highly effective healing, even miraculous.

Distant Healing

Off the Body Energy Healing can also be done from a distance. Distant Healing for me is the most fascinating and mysterious work that I do. Distant Healing is liken to prayer in that you could be anywhere in the world, praying for anyone or any situation regardless of where they are. I am finding Distant Healing works even better than energy-off-the-body or in-person healing, because I am not concerned about my own spacial environment and can completely focus my attention with intention. Because of this reason, I do most of my animal healing from a distance. With this type of focus, I am amazed on how animals have began to communicate with me through Distant Healing.

Metaphysical Facilitation

At age 19 I started my voyage into metaphysics. I define metaphysics as the relationship between myself and the Divine. This voyage continues to be a fascinating endless journey of studying, learning, discovering, meditating, changing and growing; a healing journey. I use this knowledge and experience in facilitating sessions using crystals, aromatherapy, sound therapy, guided visualization and more. I'm good at making maps, steps one can choose to take in order to reach a positive outcome and future growth as the client desires. This journey is my passion.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is a big part of the immune system. I took this course in 1989 and chose to keep it as a part of my repertoire today because of how important it is to our health. I use specific techniques as well as educating people with ideas of what they can do for themselves. Lymphatic drainage massage is used to help: sinus/allergic conditions, cancer, constipation, menstrual cramping, when there is a lack of physical activity, stress, fatigue, in conjunction with a colon/liver cleanse and more. It is a gentle and soothing massage.