Animal Healing

About Animal Healing

The type of Animal Healing I do I call "energetic off the body healing"; I don't actually touch the animal. It can be done "in-person" or from a distance easily wherever we are in the world. They are both effective. I am a catalyst for the energies of the Universe that come through my physical body and out. I needn't know what's wrong because I am not looking to fix anything. What happens is what is out of balance, out of harmony, is lifted so as to return to a balanced state. It affects all levels of being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And like anything, there are no guarantees, yet, amazing things do happen as related by pet owner's in their testimonial you can read below.

Here Is My Story Of Animal Healing

Was I delighted, excited, when animal healing was being offered as an advanced course. We were specifically trained with horses, dogs and cats. Since then, I experimented with in-person and distant healing. I found that it's more elegant to heal dogs distantly. This way there are no distractions. I also found, to my wonder, that often they will show me or "tell" me things pertinent to what they need. This information is in addition to the messages I receive from the Universe. It is just getting more interesting and fun as I go along with our animal friends we love so much.

Now horses, I love to heal in person, using cross-ties. This is beautiful to see. Horses readily sense and accept energies. They will exhibit registers (physical signs like yawning and lip smacking) as ways of showing me they are being positively affected. A bonus to working off the body is avoiding startling or touching sore places that could upset. A big plus here is the energies are removing imbalances we don't even know are there, making this even more amazing. It is especially wonderful to be able to offer this kind of help, it is an honor.

Animal Testimonial