Healing and peace for all

What makes Susan "made for" distant healing are her intuitive and imaginative abilities. Being clairsentient she feels, senses, and knows the energy she is examining, able to send and move it as she did when working In-person but, interestingly, can do far more from afar.

Susan is a catalyst for healing energy, an empath, a holistic bodyworker, teacher, metaphysician and a lover of all humanity. Her work is gentle and powerful, some say profound. Susan is committed to her life work and responds on purpose to her clients needs and wants. She quite often is an immediate friend, someone to trust and be vulnerable with. She listens to concerns and offers support specifically for them. Susan is compassionate, fun, enthusiastic, funny, knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. You are invited to read the testimonials of other's experiences and start getting to know Susan through them.


Anatomy and Physiology 3 times; Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Philosophy; Course in Floor Shiatsu and Swedish Massage; Physical Therapy Assistant; Credentials in Shiatsu, Acupressure and Swedish Massage; Hands Above the Body Energy Work self taught; Cellulite Reduction Massage; Lymphatic Drainage; Chiropractic Massage; Deep Tissue Massage Courses by many different Instructors; Trigger Point Therapy; Aromatherapy Classes; Crystal Therapy; Sports Massage; College Hard Sciences including General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry; Physics; Decades of Metaphysics; College Biology and Cell Biology; Cranial Sacral, Trauma Therapies; Chapman Points; Stress Reduction/Nurturing Massage; Laugh Therapy; Ortho-bionomy® all Phases 4, 5, 6, 7 multiple times along with dozens of study group classes noting Phase 7 is not physically done and Ortho-bionomy began with Phase 7; Animal Healing; Meditation; Current Distant Healing combines past courses with developing my own style that keeps growing.

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