"I came to Susan after trying all kinds of practitioner's I could find. I was
in tears, nothing worked, I'm still in so much pain and cannot work. Susan
told me she could do Distant healing sessions to see if they help. I didn't
have to know when Susan was doing the sessions though she told me it's
an enjoyable experience if I wanted to lie down at the time she was working.
I chose not to be aware of when she did them. Well, after the first session
I noticed a change almost immediately. I was in intense back and knee pain.
The pain subsided and I felt changes occurring in my body. I was amazed at
how quickly I felt a change and thrilled with the results. I have a very active
physical activity level, so day to day aches are realistic to my lifestyle. I'm
where I need to be to maintain it. I was skeptical but open and ready for
her unique energy healing...now a true believer !! "

Colleen S.

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