"I've been seeing Susan for a few years now on a regular basis (1 or more times a month) for acupressure massage, which has a different name, but I can never remember so I just call it 'Susan's magical voodoo'. The process involves staying clothed and laying on a massage table while Susan presses on certain acupressure points, and then with movement of the muscle or surrounding muscles, and feedback from the client, is able to make the pain go away on that point, as well as referral pain in other areas of the body. For example, there are points in the lower back or shoulders that are worked on, that then make one's sore neck feel less pain/tension.) I believe regular treatments help me with everyday tension, my chronic anxiety as well as keeping me healthier in general. I would recommend this treatment for anyone with chronic pain from injuries, or who are looking for an effective body treatment that is different from the standard massage."

- Kristy H.

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