"My health was going downhill. I had body fatigue and pain all over. I had so much leg pain that I was unable to walk upstairs; I had to pull myself up them. As well, it was hard for me to take care of myself, my daily needs and my house with my lack of energy and feeling sad a lot of the time. This went on for 10 years. At one point I even started to use a walker to get around...... Once I started seeing Susan I improved and got better and better. Today I rarely have any pain. I am so much stronger that it's easy for me to take care of myself and my house. I can even Run upstairs! With all this energy, my outlook on life has become peaceful, feeling renewed and more in touch with my true self.....I have experienced Susan's orthobionomy, hands off the body energy healing and  metaphysical facilitation. All have given me incredible results so that I am now feeling balanced on all levels. Of her work my favorite is the off the body energy healing because of the truly amazing spiritual experiences I have had and how they have changed me, for good. And I realized that the key ingredient isn't a technique, it's the person applying it. I encourage anyone to see for yourself."

-Rebecca W.

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