"My head pounded. My shoulders ached. I felt weak and dizzy. Now some people might take flu medicine or see their MD. I, however, called my massage therapist, Susan Fernandez. It was an emergency call. I didn't have an appointment, but she worked me in--and she saved my life. She was able to put her finger exactly on the culprit muscles. While she kindly was putting pressure on trigger points (the tender points that release muscles) her humor and robust laughter made me forget the pain I was in. Through her hands and her heart, I knew I was being nurtured back to health. What I'm really interested in is the health benefits not some la-la bodywork where I wake up the next morning with the same aches and pains. That day Susan worked every muscle in my body with every muscle of her body. The next day I woke up refreshed, free of pain, and clear-headed."

- Jane D.

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