"When I went to Susan I was open minded about what the energy healing could do. I did not really know what to expect. I did not tell Susan that I wanted to work on my eyes and my esophagus for reflux. I did tell her I wanted to get better financial results in my business. As the session progressed I found Susan moving to my eyes and working in that area. I also felt a lot of gurgling in my belly. I subsequently came back for a second session.

So far, what I noticed is that I am a lot more intuitively tuned to things. As for my eyes, they felt better than before (still not 20/20) but a lot more relaxed and focused. For a long time after the healing my reflux had abated substantially. And as for my business, I have found that now I am doing the right things and observing that the money is beginning to flow in."

- Tarek M.

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