Animal Testimonials

"Susan happens to be able to quickly tune in with her subjects and while she doesn't actually touch the horse, she has the ability to sense where concerns of discomfort are located and hopefully help the horse breathe into the area and release any tension, soreness, tightness, etc. he may be experiencing. My horse was supposed to have surgery at UC Davis and after Susan worked with him, it was recommended that we not continue with the procedure as he was sound after experiencing micro tears in his tendon."

- Lori M.

"After taking my dog to the vet, they recommended taking her to a specialist for more tests, fearing cancer. They took a biopsy and scans, which came back with a tumor on her liver and another on her spleen; surgery was recommended. I, as a reasonable and mature adult, naturally, freaked out. Susan said she could do a remote healing on my dog, which she did. Not only did the biopsied tumor on the liver come back as NOT cancer (even though the original test said it was), they couldn't find the second cyst/tumor on her spleen. I'm not sure a 'thank you' truly covers my gratitude for her gifts and efforts, but Thanks!"

- Kristy H.

"Sadie is a white short-hair, 6.5 lb., 14 yr. old cat. She is our baby and the princess of the house. She was diagnosed in 2013 with kidney failure. It was found that her kidneys shrank and there wasn't any reason that could be found. After her emergency room 2 day to stabilize her she was put on fluids with potassium to hydrate and increase her hunger. A year later her health was up and down. She didn't eat at times, her weight bounced around and just wasn't her self. Susan said she might be able to help Sadie with her hands off healing. I was very skeptical but thought it couldn't hurt. Susan asked for a picture of Sadie and would do the healings from her home. The healings did not cure Sadie's kidney failure and I really didn't think it would even though I was hopeful. The things that improved were her blood and urine values have stabilized within a safe range. Her appetite became consistent, she maintains her weight at 6.5 and she still plays. She is her old self for still having kidney failure but a little cranky but she does get hydrated 3 times a week and that would make anyone cranky. She is also one very spoiled cat. She is evaluated quarterly to make sure she is maintaining and so far so good. Susan told me after the healing treatments that Sadie was thirsty and that was and is still true today."

- Kathy H.